Commissioning a piece of furniture or a kitchen may seem daunting but we advise every step of the way. Each commission begins with an idea; a certain space; architects plans or drawings.

Consultations will then be arranged at the location to get a sense of the style, space and character of the property. Your input and ideas are as crucial at this stage as our designers. From there our experienced designers, Stephen and Jason Robinson-Gay produce detailed drawings. Our designers are happy to liaise with builders and architects in order to realise your design ambitions. After consultation, when our drawings are approved, the project will begin construction in our workshops. Visits can then be arranged at the workshop to see your designs being realised and created.

Each commission begins with an idea. We look forward to meeting with you and we are happy to consult on projects big or small; commercial or residential. Should you have any queries, please do not hesitate to call either Stephen or Jason.